About Us

The #1 dealership and provider of loans for people with bad credit. In Canada there are over 30+ lenders currently operating in the auto finance sector and we work with every single one of them, meaning we not only aggressively shop the market for the best approval – you know you are guaranteed the best auto finance rate & approval possible.

Do you have Credit problems? If you have been turned down for a car loan we can help, regardless of your credit history.

At FinDrive.ca we have 25 years of experience getting people with bad credit approved for:

√  No Credit

√  History of Bad Credit

Multiple Collections

√  Consumer Proposal


√  New to Canada with No Credit

√  Previous Repossession

√  Student Loans in Arrears

√  Missed Credit Card and Loan Payments

Over 25 years in business working daily to help hundreds of thousands of people get into reliable vehicles but most importantly, giving you the blueprint to take back control of your credit and financial situation – There has never been a better time and we are the experts to help guide you pick the best car loan options.